Why Us


25 Customs Video Agency is a unique video development company can help you extend the power of your Internet presence by incorporating video into your professional website.


Custom video allow you to engage with prospective clients and patients because it personalizes your message to them. Custom video doesn’t just tell people why they should work with you; it shows them. Active engagement is one of the most powerful techniques in the marketing toolbox, and at 25 Customs Video Agency, we are experts at active engagement.


The Competitive Advantage


If you’re a professional like a doctor or a lawyer, your website is one of your most efficient and cost-effective tools for attracting new clients. Nearly one-third of all prospective clients find the lawyers they use through Internet searches.


There’s no competitive advantage, though, to having a website that looks like every other doctor’s or lawyer’s website. You won’t stand out from the crowd. That’s where 25 Customs Video Agency comes in. Our team includes videographers, soundman, directors and producers with long years of experience in the business. Though we’re headquartered in California’s Orange County, we travel to every part of the nation to work with our clients.


How Do People Choose Doctors or Lawyers?


People find the lawyers they hire in a variety of different ways. According to a Google Consumer Study conducted in November 2012, nearly one-third of respondents located the lawyer with whom they’d eventually work by reviewing lawyers’ websites on the Internet.


A Pew Research Study published in December 2013 found that 72 percent of all Internet users had looked for some type of health care information during the last year. One of the most commonly researched topics was investigations of specific physicians, practices and other health care providers.


The Video Value Proposition


Content is king in today’s Internet. When you use video to introduce the professionals working at your legal firm or health care practice, you are putting a face to a name. Whether we like it or not, what drives a lot of consumption in our culture is the emotional connection that we feel as consumers with the product or service that’s being offered. Video profiles of your practice’s or firm’s principals can underscore the impression of experience, competence, knowledge, expertise and compassion. Video interviews with satisfied clients or patients offers social proof that can enhance your firm or practice’s credibility.


Video can also be repurposed in a number of ways that can enhance your marketing efforts. Website videos can also be repurposed as advertising content for more traditional broadcast media. Videos can be used on websites, on mobile Internet platforms and on social media. Why not create a YouTube or Vimeo channel that showcases answers to your clients’ and patients’ most frequently asked questions?


Incorporating video content into your website may also be able to increase your ranking with the Internet’s most popular search engines. “Dwell time” or the amount of time a user spends on a website is one of the criteria that search algorithms use to create rankings. The longer a user stays on a site, the higher the dwell time. Videos take time to watch, and this translates into more minutes spent on your website.


The 25 Customs Video Agency Advantage


At 25 Customs Video Agency, we’re interested in building long-term relationships with the clients we serve. We’ll use your input to develop a video marketing plan that’s designed to change and grow as your website presence evolves.


Initially, we’ll schedule a consultation during which we’ll sit down with your firm or practice’s principals and marketing staff to discuss your overall marketing and branding goals. Distance is no impediment; 25 Customs Video Agency works with legal firms and medical practices throughout the United States. We’ll develop a high concept and storyboard that’s tailored to relay your specific message.


Our production team will then make all the necessary preparations to begin your shoot. We have access to state-of-the-art video and sound equipment, but we never charge our clients for the use of equipment or personnel that are not strictly necessary for a particular shoot. We streamline our shooting schedule so that it will disrupt your normal business routines as little as possible.


Post-production work includes video editing and the insertion of any audio or graphic effects that can enhance the footage that we’ve shot. We stay in close communication with your in-house marketing team throughout the post-production process.


Once we deliver the video to you, we’ll work with you to make sure that it’s streaming correctly. We also have ways to help ensure your video compels the kind of online traffic you were anticipating. Contact 25 Customs Video Agency today for more information about the ways that working with us can benefit your legal firm or medical practice.