Video Shoot Preparation


How to Prepare an Awesome Video Shoot for Video marketing your Business

Marketing a business through a video is becoming extremely popular these days. In this era of YouTube, video marketing is one of the techniques that can attract more number of potential customers and a massive traffic. Creating a quality video is equally important as marketing through the video. You may have the best video camcorder or digital camera. But, hiring a professional for your video shooting project in order to prepare an awesome video is a much better option. Creating an eye-catchy and informative video is a cumbersome process, and it needs some professional knowledge too. Here is a tutorial that will give you a detailed insight about video shooting, its prerequisites and steps to follow.


Before the shoot:

Before you start with the project and do the recording, you need to work on your project briefing. For a good video shoot, you will need a script. Based on your business needs or project requirements, you need to keep the script ready. We always recommend getting a script written by a professional. If you hire a team for your video shoot project, their script writers will create a script for you. Writing a good script means you will have to focus on three main objectives. Your script should include an overview, an interesting outline and a creative angle. For an instance, if your video is to promote your dental clinic and services, then your video script should include a small introduction about your business, story relating to your top service and a creative representation of your work. In this way, you can establish a trust with your viewer when they click on your marketing video. Choosing the right images, illustrations and films also play an important role in video shooting.


It is very essential to define your niche and target audience before starting to work on your video shoot. You will never be able to reach them, if you are unsure who your audience is. For a successful video shooting project, start documenting each idea and your project needs. This will help you eventually as you proceed in your filming project. Once you have a final script and project documentation ready, you can schedule an appointment with your videographer and project lead to discuss about the next steps.


Preparing for the shoot:

Here are some important tips that you should remember while preparing for the shoot. We know that a video can make your online presence viral and expand your business opportunities easily. Thus, you will never want to make a video look unprofessional. These simple tips on video preparation will help you shoot like a pro.


Using the best-quality camera:

What kind of camera should you use for your video shoot? Our professional videographers recommend choosing two cameras during the shoot process. Based on your location, lighting conditions and background, you need to work on the video shoot with your cameras. For an instance, you may need to set your cameras to a particular mode when you are shooting outdoors. However, you will have to come up with a different plan when you are shooting in the night. It is advised to try and get a hands-on experience on the camera operation at different angles. Plus, prepare in advance by keeping the batteries charged and lenses packed. This will allow you to keep the video shooting go smoothly and easily.



Whenever possible, use a tripod to shoot your videos. We often find that a slight shake in the video during the shoot can ruin the entire film. You cannot take a chance when you are spending money and your valuable time in shooting a video. While shooting a moving object, you cannot move around or hand-hold your camera. This makes the film blurry at times. Using a tripod will allow you to work freely, keep your shots easy, steady and clean. After all, that is your primary aim for smoother recording.


Establishing shot:

Most of our professionally shot and edited videos include an establishing shot in the beginning. This shot creates a base for the entire film and gives viewers a quick insight into your video. Keep the opening shot eye-catchy and powerful. We recommend planning the setup in advance for the establishing shot. Remember to choose a background or setup relevant to your video. Plus, include a cutaway shot before the main sequence begins. This makes your video more enticing for your viewers.


Angles and positions:

Shooting at a medium or close range is always a better choice. However, we often advise videographers to use various angles and positions while shooting a film. While your main shot should include many close-ups, your opening and cutaways should be shot at various angles. Choosing a number of angles and positions will add a dramatic effect to your video as well. While you can shoot at the same angle or position, you can change the camera focus to add some new backgrounds to your video recording. In this way, your viewers will find your film more interesting as they won’t see the same place throughout the shot film.



One of the most important factors in video shooting is the light. Although you choose the best time and location for the recording, the video may not be up-to-the-mark without proper lighting. Even with a good-quality camera, video recording won’t be satisfactory without adequate lighting.


Our professional videographers always choose a setup with natural light for better shots. Even if you are shooting indoors, you can do it near a window or patio where you can find more natural light. We focus on three main lighting terms while shooting a video. While taking a close-up shot, we aim at having an optimal Key Light. This is the main light during a video shoot. The Key Light produces the natural shadow, which should be optimized by the Fill light. The focus of this light is to fill the shadow cast produced by the previous light. Lastly, we focus on the Back light to give a natural illumination to the object. If possible, you can invest in a light kit to have better video recording experience.


Choose a Location:

You cannot choose just any setup for your video shooting. When you work with a professional company like us, our team will help you in finding the right location for you video shoot. We can suggest you some background or choose somewhere convenient to you for your marketing video shoot. What we always recommend is to choose a noise-free, clean and natural background to shoot your videos. Of course, you will not want some racing cars or walking pedestrians in the background in your film. If you are choosing an outdoor setup, then prepare for the sudden weather change and take the lighting condition into your consideration throughout the video shoot process.


After the shoot:

Now you have a sensational video ready. But can you just go and share it online or post it on your website? Our professional videographer team always spends a few hours to a few days in editing the shot film before the video is ready for sharing.


Editing your production:

The file that you download from your camera is a raw file. Most of the time, it is in a different format. For marketing, you will never want a raw video file. These files not only look amateurish, but they are also huge in size. This prevents you from uploading the file in major video sharing websites. For a cleaner and appealing video, you will need to do some editing. Our video production team specializes in video editing by using a number of advanced software programs. With some programs, they first convert the raw file into a more compatible and smaller file. After this step, they manage the angles, edit the movie to the desired length, and add background sounds and music to make the film a perfect marketing video.


During the process of editing, you can get rid of poor shot sequences, add some background music, improve the contrast and sound and arrange the shots for a smooth transition. Adding titles and introductory shots will make your production worth watching. Plus, you can sync audio and video to match up each sequence in the video. This is when our video production team uses some best editing software to do some post-production magic in your film. After all, your aim is to share this video with a vast online audience and get massive traffic and a huge number of potential clients. A polished and well-edited film doesn’t just look professional, but it also represents your business and service at a vast online platform.


Market Your Content:

Now that your final video is ready, you can work on the next steps to share it. Whether you are choosing the video-sharing sites or a blogging platform, make sure that your video reaches those potential viewers. Social media marketing strategy is one of the most popular ways to share your video. You can work closely with your marketing team for email marketing and other online marketing techniques so that people can see this incredible piece of content that you have created.