Video Marketing Strategy


The Powerful Impact of Online Video Marketing

No matter how much digital marketing you take on for your company, if you are not incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy, you are missing out. Video marketing is exponentially more effective than simply posting articles online. The impact of the visual and audio component of online videos leaves viewers with a much better impression of your business and a deeper connection to your company. There is just something more authentic and personal about seeing a message over a video as opposed to reading about a company online.


Now that you are hopefully tracking just how important it is to include video marketing into your advertising strategy, you should consider the following tips for making the most of your video marketing strategy.


The Importance of Video Marketing Strategy


Way too many companies get bogged down in the details of the actual production of their corporate videos before developing an overall approach to online digital marketing. That is, you should not be jumping into planning the details of your video shoot before you have a clear understanding of the overall message or story you want to tell through the video. In even broader terms, you should be able to conceptualize how the video will be shared with your target audience and how this project fits into your overall marketing scheme and budget.


Especially if you are new to the video marketing world, then the entire process of filming and editing a corporate video can be exciting and overwhelming. It is way to easy to get caught up in the details of filming and producing a video rather than thinking about how this video will compel a viewer to buy your product or service.


One of the first ways to create your video marketing plan is to identify weaknesses in your marketing strategy so far that could be improved. For example, if you are getting a high number of visitors to view your website but are not able to convert those visitors to sales, then you need to find a better way to engage with potential customers. This is where video marketing could help step up your advertising game and give potential customers a better idea of what your company is all about.


Do Not Overlook the Versatility of Online Videos


While many companies immediately post their videos on their website, they often overlook YouTube as an effective way to increase the views on their videos and drive traffic to their website. If you are planning on creating video content to share on multiple platforms, make sure that you are making the most out of all of those platforms. Facebook seems to be the most popular choice for companies to share their videos, but YouTube and other social media networks still present plenty of great opportunities to spread the word about your company’s message.


Although there are plenty of opportunities to share videos online, this does not mean that you should just create video content to share it around online. Rather, you should have a clear game plan for the platforms that each video will be posted on and the order in which you will launch each video.


Tracking Your Conversion Rate


It goes without saying that increasing the number of views for your videos or visitors to your website are important goals of video marketing. However, you should be expecting so much more out of a video marketing campaign. If you are properly tracking your return on investment for each online video, you should be able to tell what types of views your video is getting and use that information to convert them to sales. Depending on how much traffic you get on each video across different platforms, you can get valuable intelligence on your target audience. This can help take your video marketing strategy beyond just increasing your brand awareness.


Working with a High Quality Video Production Agency


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