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5 Effective Uses for Corporate Videos

The power of online video marketing is unmatched by almost any other marketing resource. Because online videos are so versatile and can be shared across multiple platforms, they are becoming an increasingly popular and sometimes necessary form of marketing and education. These are some of the most effective uses of corporate videos to deliver your message in the most meaningful way.


  1. Recruiting Top Talent for Your Company


Writing about how wonderful the culture is at your company is no match for a video message that conveys the personality of your company’s leadership and expresses the general corporate environment. If your company is looking to recruit top talent and wants to give prospective employees an impression of what a day in the life at your company is like, a video message can accomplish all of that in just a few minutes.


  1. Expressing Your Company’s View on Hot Issues


If you have a business in an industry where there are some hot political issues to contend with, a corporate video can be an effective way to share where your company stands on those issues. This can humanize the company’s approach as compared to a stiff letter or other form of written statement. For example, if your company is in the medical field and you want to send a message that you support promoting women in science, a video explaining your company’s position on encouraging women to enter the medical field could be a great way to connect with the general public.


  1. Managing Your Company’s Reputation


If your company has experienced some negative press or is receiving some negative attention for issues going on within your industry, then a reputation management video can help improve the public’s perception of your business. Some companies have had incredible success with this method of using corporate videos by posting multiple videos on the same general themes, such as creating a YouTube channel with multiple videos explaining the same general positive message.


  1. Promoting Your Company’s Sustainability Efforts


No matter what industry your business is in, environmental sustainability has become a hot topic in terms of the general public’s perception of companies. If your company is taking steps to make its operations more environmentally sustainable, a corporate video is a great way to showcase those efforts and gain public approval. With the visual aids that can be incorporated into corporate videos, you can more easily explain the complicated areas of environmental sustainability in your business practices. It is also much more entertaining for the viewer than reading a policy statement on your company’s website.


  1. Branding Your Company


While the purpose of this type of video may seem obvious, it is often overlooked as a prime marketing opportunity. By creating a video that displays the mission and principles behind your company, you have the ability to connect with potential customers on a deeper level than just telling them about your business on your website. Rather than presenting your company as if you were reading off sections in a brochure, a corporate branding video should tell a story and convey a powerful message about the mission of your brand and how you see yourself adding value for your customers.


One of the biggest mistakes that company’s make in producing corporate branding videos is not investing in adequate resources and production quality for the video to have a real impact on the target audience. Corporate branding videos should grab the audience’s attention right out of the gate and compel the viewer to take a deeper look at your company by providing a perspective that they would not otherwise have. Thinking outside the box and working with an experienced video production company will make all the difference in getting your brand noticed by viewers and making a lasting impact on them.



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