The Process


Generate traffic to your law firm website with legal marketing videos

Legal video marketing can help lawyers to expand their practices by branding their firms as the leading practices in their areas. 25 Customs Video Agency, California’s leading video production agency, helps law firms across the United States to create custom videos in order to increase website conversion rates or to up the amount of inbound traffic to the website.


Understanding the two types of marketing videos can help law firms reach their expansion goals more quickly. In order to help you to determine whether you want to choose a legal marketing video that increases your firm’s inbound traffic or increases the conversion rates for potential clients visiting your website, we have outlined the steps involved in the production process.


How traffic-generating videos differ from conversion videos


Legal marketing videos that are designed to increase traffic to your website are characterized by search-engine optimized educational, engaging and short videos that feature long-tail keywords. By contrast, videos that are geared towards converting website visitors into new clients are more brand-focused rather than educational. These videos focus on a firm’s attorneys in order to inspire trust and confidence in the firm.


Before filming begins


It is very important for you to understand how the marketing video will be presented. If you are wanting to increase the inbound traffic to your firm’s website, you’ll want to make certain that your videos are easy to find when potential clients are searching for information about their legal issues.


Research has shown that using videos is one of the most effective ways you can attract visitors. According to studies of SEO practices, including video thumbnails increase click-through rates by as much as 41 percent.


In order to figure out the educational content you should include in your marketing video, you should start by looking at what the most popular searches are for your target audience. You can begin by gathering the most frequently asked questions your firm receives from your clients. Then, take that list and check to see the number of searches the questions receive each month via the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool, which is a free tool that is designed to help you find the keywords around which you can build your content in order to attract the most visitors.


The production stage


When Google evaluates videos for ranking purposes, it looks to see the percentage of your video’s viewers that watch the entire video until it ends. To improve your ranking, you’ll want to make certain that people watch your whole video. In order to accomplish that, you should implement the following:


  • Make certain your videos get directly to their point, are short and answer the questions being asked.


  • Make certain that your speech is confident, clear and easily understandable.


  • Always shoot videos using high-definition settings, including high-definition cameras, lights and a good microphone.


  • Make certain to edit your video.


It is very important for you to understand that your videos must be of the highest quality possible. Your potential clients will base their opinions of your law firm on what they see in your videos. If the videos are of poor quality, your visitors are likely to come away with negative impressions of your firm, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish with your legal marketing videos. If you do not have good video production skills, you’ll want to hire the professional team at Custom 25 Video Agency to make sure your video will accomplish its purpose in converting new clients.


Hosting your video


One of the best strategies to help your video content rank well and to generate increased inbound traffic is to upload it to YouTube. This means your first step should be to establish and optimize your own YouTube channel. Then, title your video with its target question and upload it onto the site. You will want to include tags and other important text in the video’s description. You will also want to include your own customized thumbnail so that visitors will be able to understand what the video’s topic is simply by looking at your thumbnail. Having a clearly understood thumbnail often results in higher ranks on YouTube as well as on Google.


Finally, you should use Schema markup to embed your uploaded video into your law firm’s blog. This is a coding language that informs Google about the video content and its details. For your blog post, use an identical title and provide a transcript of what is said on your video beneath the embedded content. This can help you by using the same keyword to rank your video twice, helping your video to substantially increase its click-through rate.


Doing the process repeatedly


By following this strategy on a biweekly basis at a minimum, you should see the amount of inbound traffic to your website explode over the following months. Always remember to begin by completing your keyword research. Then, make a great video that inspires people to watch the entire film, upload it to YouTube, embed it and repeat ad infinitum.