Testimonial Videos


Preparing to Shoot an Effective Testimonial Video

Being proactive about your company’s online reputation management can make a real difference in setting your brand apart from your company’s top competitors. Testimonial videos are a powerful way to generate positive public perception about your brand regardless of whether you are trying to address negative reviews. When a potential customer is considering whether to use your product or service, they are more likely to trust the opinion of an independent reviewer than what you have to say about your own company. Right off the bat, a testimonial video will give you more bang for your marketing buck than something posted by the company itself.


Even though testimonial videos have the potential to be powerful marketing tools, not all videos are created equally. Keep the following tips in mind as you are preparing to shoot your next testimonial video to make sure that it has a real impact on your target audience.


  1. Meet with the Customer Before the Video Shoot


It is absolutely imperative that you take the time to speak with the customer in advance of the shoot. You should use this time to describe the general setting for the shoot and the theme of the video. Give the interviewee as much information about the shoot as possible, such as what they should wear, the location, the general theme and how long they should be prepared to be available that day. The more information you can provide the customer who will be doing the talking, the more relaxed they will be.


  1. Think Outside the Box with Talking Heads


The talking head style of testimonial videos is very popular because it is easy to shoot and tends to be less expensive. While it is always a good idea to keep costs as low as possible, it is worth investing in multiple camera angles with at least two cameras. This makes the standard talking head set up a little less boring. If your company is advertising a product, a great way to make your testimonial video more engaging is to have your customer actually using the product. This adds an extra layer of authenticity to your testimonial because it shows viewers a glimpse of your product in action.


  1. Consider Who is Speaking in the Video


If you plan to interview a married couple or a family about your company’s services or products, then you may end up with only one person speaking. Video testimonials with only one person out of a pair or group speaking can come across stiff and overly staged. If you have a married couple on camera, consider trying out ways to engage both interviewees so that the testimonial is more natural. Along those same lines, make sure that any extras in the background of your video are not doing anything on camera that could distract the audience from the person speaking. After all, you want the most noticeable part of the video to be the positive message about your company’s products or services.


  1. Getting the Right Soundbites


Asking the right questions is only one part of making sure that you get the soundbites you need from your interviewees for the testimonial video. Try to remember that in the final video, the only audio that will be heard is the customer’s voice. The audience will not have the benefit of hearing the question that you ask to elicit the interviewee’s responses. This is why you need to make sure to continue asking questions until you get a suitable soundbite from your interviewee. To help speed up the process, it can be helpful to speak with the interviewee ahead of time and let them know the general tone and characterization you are looking for. An enthusiastic statement from an actual customer will go much further than a matter of fact response.


  1. Outlining the Structure of Your Video


Even if you get the most amazing soundbites from your interviewees, it is important to plan for how they will be presented in the video. It goes without saying that people tend to have a very short attention span for videos these days. This is why it is crucial not to waste any time at the beginning of your video so that you do not lose the attention of your target audience. If you are going to set up the soundbites in a special way, you need to make the introduction section as catchy as possible. The lead in portion of the video is absolutely critical in keeping viewers engaged passed just the introduction.


  1. Incorporating the Right Amount of On-Screen Text


Keeping in mind that the main goal of a testimonial video is to make your company look authentic, the use of text in the video must appear as natural as possible. It may not be a good idea to constantly flash words across the bottom of the screen that repeat what the customer is saying. This tends to give off a more manufactured vibe as opposed to sharing an actual customer’s real experience with your brand. Some element of branding and on-screen text might be necessary to reinforce the name and slogan of your company. This is especially true if your company is a less established brand. To maintain the authenticity of your video, you will want to keep this to a minimum, so make sure to get the most bang for your buck from the customer soundbites.


  1. Setting Up Your Interviewee in an Interesting Way


In advance of the shoot, try out some ideas for making the location of the interviewee appear more natural. There are countless testimonial videos floating around online with couples seated on a couch while talking about their experience with a company. To stand out from the crowd, try a more relaxed position that does not make the interviewee appear trapped or on the spot. This will require some planning and coordination with the interviewee so that you find a position in which they are most comfortable speaking on camera. Although you do not want the interviewee to be engaged in anything that distracts from the overall message of the video, getting a shot in a more natural environment can help your video look less like a typical corporate testimonial and more like an account of a real customer experience.


The Importance of Choosing the Right Video Production Company


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