Strong Brand Identity


20 Questions to Create a Strong Brand Identity

Our company brands are what represent us. They tell the world who we are, what values we hold, and what they can expect when working with us. For any creative that frequently works with other businesses and companies to deliver a service, getting the brand down perfectly is crucial to the overall success of a project.


When you don’t get a project right the first time, the client will probably come back with revisions. If they’re not clear about what they’re looking for, those revisions can quickly become time consuming and expensive.


Knowing the brand of the company can dramatically cut down the number of revisions spent on a project and help you get it right the first time. Spending some time in the beginning of the project getting to know the company, their goals, and their brand can save you a lot of headache later.


Using this 20-question guide, you can easily and efficiently get to know your clients to create a brand that represents them.



  1. What product or service do you provide?


The most basic question is usually where you would like to start. Ask your clients what they do. Try to keep them as focused and candid about their products and services as possible. Remind them that it isn’t a sales pitch, it’s an explanation.



  1. What is your company’s mission?


We all know that most companies are first and foremost in business to make money, but there needs to be an underlying mission that fuels them forward. What problem do they hope to solve? How do they help their customers? What do they want their company to represent?



  1. Who do you see as your competitors?


The competitors you discuss should be both direct competitors and indirect competitors, meaning they may not be on the same level as a huge, global brand, but they are still fighting for the same customers. When you see who the company compares themselves with, you can have a better understanding of where they envision themselves.



  1. How are you different?


Ask your clients what sets them apart from their competitors. Get an explanation of why customers should purchase your products instead of their competitors. This information can give you an angle to what their brand identity is.



  1. What was your naming process like?


Get to know the story behind the name of the company or any colors or symbols they may have included in their logo. Sometimes, it’s as simple as they liked it. Other times there is a long and interesting story about the name or other branding factors.



  1. How would you describe your company?


Ask the business owner to describe their company in five adjectives or with a short and simple sentence. This allows you to get down to the bones of what they believe their company does and can do, which lets go of the frills that can oftentimes be distracting.



  1. Who is the target audience?


When you understand who the company is marketing to, you can create a better picture of what their brand is. Who do they want to purchase their products? What does their ideal customer look like? Ask them to envision a person that would shop at their store and get a clear description of what that person is looking for, what they value, and who they are.



  1. What is the project budget?


The budget of a project is incredibly important to delivering the quality that they expect. If they’re looking for something cheap, you don’t want to spend countless hours creating something impeccable. If they’re willing to dish out some cash, you don’t want to speed through the process. Discuss the budget for the project before beginning anything.



  1. What is the timeline for the project?


Discuss if there is a due date for the project. Having a clear timeline before the process begins can help you stay on track and ensure you’re meeting the needs of the client.



  1. What materials are they looking for in a brand?


Sometimes creating a brand has more to do with the details than just the thought of the brand. Does the company need things like a logo, a tagline, or business cards? Be sure you have a full scope of what they need before beginning.



  1. Who calls the shots?


After you’ve created a brand package, who gets to give the final stamp of approval? Is it the CEO? The VP of Marketing? When you know who you need to please first, you can create a strategy that appeals them.



  1. What are you looking to change about your old brand identity?


Sometimes a company won’t even have a brand identity when you’re just starting out and they will need to completely start from scratch. Other times, they have a brand identity that they’re not happy with. Figure out the problem and attack accordingly.



  1. What message do you want your brand to share?


The brand identity of a company will tell a story and give a message. Ask your clients what message they hope to share with their customers and clients through their brand.



  1. What do you know about the market?


Ask your clients if they have any insights into the market they are looking to sell to. These insights will help you appeal to those in the market.



  1. Do you have colors?


Sometimes the colors a company chooses for their brand have a lot of meaning to them. Ask your client if they are okay making a change or if they would like to stick with the original colors.



  1. Do you have fonts?


Fonts usually run the same as the colors. Sometimes, the client just doesn’t want to change them. Ask so you can avoid revisions.



  1. What are some examples of brands you like?


Ask your client to provide examples of brands, logos, or other factors of another company that they enjoy. This can give you an inside perspective of their preferences.



  1. What are some examples of brands you dislike?


Although it is important to see what brands your client likes, you’ll also want to understand what they dislike. This information can help you understand what to avoid.



  1. Describe your ideal brand look.


Asking your client what they are hoping to have as their brand look will help you stay on track throughout your entire design process.



  1. Are there any clear dos or don’ts?


When you ask your clients up front if there are things that absolutely need to be there or absolutely should not be there, you could really be saving yourself some trouble in the end.


Creating a brand identity can be difficult. Creating one for someone else can be even harder. When working with someone who is looking for you to understand their brand, values, and company, these 20 questions can help you come to a better understanding of the work that they are looking for.


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