From PDFs to Videos


How to Transform PDF Files Into Engaging Videos

Even in today’s age of digital marketing, there are still countless companies that invest considerable time and resources into developing print materials, such as PDF brochures. There are, of course, certain occasions where these printed materials or brochures can come in handy, such as at an exhibition booth. However, if your company is investing a lot of money in these materials and not supplementing them with video advertising, then you can plan to be left in the dust. You can bet your competitors are already getting an edge with corporate video marketing by now.


No matter how well designed your printed brochure is, it just does not have the same impact on your target audience as a corporate video. An effective corporate video can deliver quite the marketing punch to your viewer and does not necessarily require a huge budget to make an impact on potential customers. You get a real bang for your marketing buck with corporate videos because they can be shared so easily across multiple platforms. This makes your content portable and versatile. In addition, corporate videos can also be edited in multiple ways so that you have fresh and varied content ready for multiple uses.


Before you invest any more marketing dollars into a printed product, consider these tips for transforming the same information in your company’s PDF materials into an exciting and engaging corporate video. When you make the decision to embark on corporate video advertising, you will be kicking yourself for not taking the profitable plunge sooner.


  1. Get the Pulse of Your Target Audience


Before you think about how you want to deliver your message about your company’s products or services, you need to get a grip on your target audience. This is where an investment in collective brainstorming at the outset can really enhance the overall value of your corporate video. You should enlist the thoughts of your entire team in considering what images come to mind when you mention the name of your brand. It is important to think about what feelings you want to conjure up when viewers hear the name of your company. The goal at this point is to come up with a premise that is as engaging and dynamic as possible. The more you can get your viewers to emotionally connect with your message, the more authentic your brand will come across to your audience.


  1. Orchestrate Effective Sound Bites


Instead of simply telling viewers that your company prides itself on excellent customer service, engage a highly satisfied customer to talk about how your company exceeded their expectations. When thinking about what kind of interviewee to use in your sound bites, you should keep in mind that too many pauses in sentences or a nervous speak in front of the camera make for a very awkward delivery. To minimize the amount of time and money you will need to spend on the editing side, work with interviewees who are as comfortable as possible speaking on camera. You should also take the time to properly prepare them so that they are comfortable speaking about their experience with your company.


  1. Combine Great Sound Bites with Dynamic Visuals


Just hearing a customer speak about your company might not be enough to keep a viewer engaged past the first few seconds of your video. The total length of your video should probably not go much longer than 90 seconds. This is because the average attention span for online content is so short. It is best to leave a viewer ready to ask more questions about your company than wishing they had not sat through a two minute boring video. To put the time frame into perspective, you should be able to present about six pages of printed content in a company brochure in about 90 seconds of video. This works because you are only highlighting the most memorable facts or statistics and will be pairing great visuals with your audio throughout the video.


  1. Make Sure You Tell a Story


An effective corporate video is much more than just a collection of sound bites, statistics and visuals. The most effective videos will tell a story that connects with the audience on some level. Facts and statistics without any broader context will fall on deaf ears. To keep your audience as engaged with your video as possible, find a way to compel them to keep watch. You want your audience to be invested in your video because it connects with something very relevant in their lives.


During the editing process, if you find a part of the video that does not connect with or tell part of the bigger story, then it should find its way out. This can be a difficult call to make, especially if the quality of the clip is pretty good. However, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that it is more important to tell a powerful story about your company than list off all of its statistics. People will forget numbers eventually, but they do not forget how watching a memorable video makes them feel.


  1. End with a Call to Action


Without a call to action at the end of your corporate video, you will miss out on an excellent opportunity to drive home your message to your target audience. Your call to action should include a phone number, web site and succinct message about your company. Sometimes, if you are using interviewees for testimonials throughout the video, including your call to action at the bottom of the screen while they speak can appear stiff and unauthentic. You will have plenty of opportunity to remind your audience how to contact your company at the conclusion of the video. This allows the rest of your message throughout the video to come across more natural in general.


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