Lead Generation Video


Buyers prefer to explore the product or service before talking to a sales representative. As a rule of thumb, buyers prefer to explore about 70 percent of the information before deciding to speak with the sales force. Using the Internet, companies can arrange effective online content that takes the buyer on the journey they wish. The content delivers them self-qualified and ready to engage the sales force.

The conversion you seek is getting the buyer ready to do business, but there is much more to gain. The buyer can also make you part of his or her conversations and tell other prospects. The conversion will prepare the buyer to come to you again and again, whenever there is a need for your product or service.

Video content is an excellent tool to generate leads. The movement occurs from a social media website to your online website, and then to purchase your service or product. This movement the buyer qualifies itself by absorbing the content of the videos. Buyer interest rises as they consume content. Your Customer Relations Management function tracks content use through a connection with the video player. This provides information to the sales team. Currently, about ten percent of companies use video to track and assess leads. Adopting video provides a competitive edge for your company to provide something different and successful for your prospects.