Effective Reputation Videos


An Introduction to Reputation Video Marketing


No matter the size of your business or the industry it is in, your online reputation has the power to either significantly boost or decimate your sales. Any effective online marketing strategy should be focused on showcasing the best online reputation for your business as possible. Reputation management involves crafting a positive online image for your company. This means focusing on dealing with or burying any negative reviews as well as presenting a positive impression of your brand.


The Power of Video Testimonials


Customer testimonials are an important part of creating a good online reputation for your business. The impact of positive testimonials is magnified when you can display a video of your customers praising their experience with your brand or business. Rather than relying on anonymous online reviews from customers, a video testimonial from satisfied customers adds credibility and personality to the overall perception of your company.


Integrity is one of the most important principles to convey to your target audience about your company. When you incorporate video testimonials in your online reputation management strategy, you have a much better opportunity to connect with your target audience than if you simply rely on text.


Proactive Strategies for Reputation Management


Many times businesses will wait until they are faced with a negative review online before they start to think about the need for reputation management. Rather than waiting to manage a crisis, you can beat out the competition by taking a more proactive approach to reputation management. There is no reason to wait around for the possibility of a bad review to pop up online. Having a source of positive information about your company that is readily available for potential customers is a good way to get ahead of any potentially damaging reviews.


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