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Add Video Marketing to your Legal Practice to Increase your Digital Presence

Jennifer Goldman is an attorney with an impressive track record in the legal field, and an equally impressive story when it comes to video marketing. As is the case with many independent attorneys, Jennifer realized how hard it is to compete against larger law firms who naturally have a myriad of resources at their fingertips. They have multiple lawyers, expandable finances and no shortage of support personnel at their disposal.


Meanwhile Ms. Goldman is an attorney running an independent mid-sized law firm. She feels honored to be able to work with her clients on an individual basis, giving them her full attention and the benefit of her legal expertise. Jennifer knew that she needed to be creative when it came to her overall marketing effort. Ms. Goldman needed to reach as large an audience as possible on the smallest budget possible, to make the biggest impact.


How is it possible to compete with the big guys when it comes to marketing?


As we can see by Jennifer’s dilemma, it is hard to find the financial resources required for advertising and marketing when you’re not a major law player in the legal industry. There are likely to be dozens of lawyers and law firms in your area, each desperately trying to carve out a piece of territory for themselves. To become fully competition in your marketplace, you need to work with professionals who literally “think out of the box” solely for your benefit.


To reach an audience of legal consumers in her region, Jennifer Goldman needed to create a presence online that was both original and compelling. Her website had to be not just informational, but expressive and entertaining all at once. Her marketing effort needed to draw newcomers into her practice if only on a digital level, to comprehend how Ms. Goldman’s legal background could work for them. At the very least, online viewers needed to feel comfortable enough to phone her office or send an email inquiring about her legal services.


To increase her visibility on the Internet, Jennifer Goldman added video marketing to enhance her legal practice. While it was nearly impossible to top the larger law firms in her area when it came to budgets, Jennifer had a strategic advance over larger more anonymous law firms with dozens of employees. Because she is an original with a story to tell, Jennifer’s video marketing effort had much to work with. Fortunately she was able to proceed on a modest budget and later received spectacular results.


The right strategy makes a difference


Jennifer Goldman made a commitment to increase her online appeal. She would make an investment in her legal business, setting aside a conservative amount of money to develop a marketing plan. As an attorney with a few years under her belt, her marketing strategy had to advertise her legal services to prospective clients with emphasis on her body of work.


Based on the strong recommendation of a fellow law school grad, Jennifer took a look at the website of She immediately liked what she saw on the web pages of this marketing company based in Orange County, California. 25 Customs is a company whose creative team members are dedicated to bringing lawyers and physicians into the digital world. With their assistance, she would have a group of professionals looking out for her digital image with the same ferocity that she extended to her own clients.


Engineers and certified digital designers would develop a marketing strategy that could reach a wide audience. They could take video footage anywhere in the country to produce content directed at computer users, people on mobile devices and a range of social media websites. The team at 25 Customs has access to top-rated equipment, drone photography and cinematography worthy of a Hollywood movie.


Create an online presence with video


After a consultation with 25 Customs, Jennifer Goldman decided to make her mark digitally. After much discussion, it was decided that she could actively target “Millennials” with an ongoing social media presence. Videos describing her law firm would be perfect when added to not just her website, but a YouTube channel and Facebook page devoted to her law firm. In addition, this video would be added to a free app for download on both Google Play and the Apple App-store. Best of all, Jennifer Goldman was surprised to learn that she felt quite comfortable appearing and speaking on camera.


Within a few weeks of its official launch, it was clear that this video marketing strategy was the right choice and the team at 25 Customs knew exactly what they were doing. Whenever a basic search was conducted online, her name and law firm came up as the number one entry on Google, Bing and Yahoo. These encouraging results extended to her name recognition on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn as well.


Telephone and email inquires to the Law Offices of Jennifer Goldman have increased at a steady rate. New clients continue to seek the legal wisdom of Ms. Goldman, and she welcomes the chance to assist them with their cases. In addition, her legal office has more recognition not just online but within legal circles.


Are you an attorney or physician who needs a new marketing plan? Learn how a video marketing strategy could extend your business into new territories. All it takes is a visit to to learn how you can raise your own presence in the digital stratosphere.