Corporate Films


Producing a Corporate Film That Sizzles

Online videos are only going to increase as one of the Internet’s most popular marketing tools. Unfortunately, the act of creating a film can seem mysterious and magical to the average layman. While small businesses and corporations may lack experience in film production, it is possible to do. With the help of California’s leading video production agency, you can create corporate videos that perfectly reflect your organization.


Getting a Quote

Almost every corporate video that we produce starts with an initial inquiry. The client sends an e-mail or calls us to figure out the best way to complete their project. During the call, we discuss the type of audience they want, the overall message and the general ideas that they have for the video.


Every client has a unique budget, and our video production company can work with you to stick to the budget. If you are on a short timeline, the budget may have to be increased to accommodate for hiring employees, videographers and other professionals on short notice. Ideally, you want to plan the video in advance so that you can reserve the location and avoid feeling rushed. Every video, corporation and timeline is different, so the cost varies based on all of these factors.


Nurturing the Concept

From the initial query, we work with clients to figure out the type of audience that they want to reach. Carefully consider the purpose of your film. Is your goal to increase your conversion rate? Do you want to showcase the scientific benefits of your product? Do you just want to reach out to potential clients? Whatever your goal, you have to incorporate it into the concept of your video. Your audience does not want to have their time wasted, so you have to figure out the fastest, most effective way to convey your message.


Creating a Schedule

If you want production to run smoothly, you have to keep everything on schedule. From the scriptwriting process to the final edits, having a schedule will ensure that you do not waste time or money. Create a schedule and communicate the details of that schedule with everyone involved.


Inspecting the Site

Once you have decided on the concept and the schedule for your video, you need to find the right location. Background noise or the wrong lighting can ruin your shoot, so make sure that you pay attention to these key details. Likewise, you will want to make sure that there are enough power outlets and plenty of space for the equipment. If you are in a small office or restaurant space, you will need to make sure that there is a way to hide all of the wires so that they are not visible during the scene.


Preparing for the Video

As the day arrives, it is important to spend time identifying any sound issues like telephones or loud ceiling fans. The lighting for the scene should be arranged in advance, and the workspace must be set up according to safety parameters. Likewise, the interview subject must be coached on their response. Instead of answering with one-word responses, they should be coached to repeat the question and use actual sentences in their response.


Prepare to Shoot!

Once the preparation process is complete, it is time to shoot the interview or the video. Most of the time spent on this project will be on everything other than the interview. In reality, most video shoots are relatively short. A simple interview can take just 30 minutes to shoot. Changes may happen during the shooting to make sure that the best footage is captured. When this process is complete, the director shouts “cut” and the footage is taken to our video production company.


Developing the First Draft

After 25 Customs Video Agency gets your footage, our next step is to assemble a first draft. This draft will be sent to you to review it. We want to hear all of your feedback and change requests so that we know exactly what you want in the next draft of the video.


Finishing the Second Draft

Once we know what you want to change, we will begin to make the minor tweaks that will transform your video from just film into corporate-quality material. The final footage will be rendered in full master quality film, and you will then get to approve the final version.


Video Promotion

Now that you have the perfect video, you have to release it to the world. At California’s leading video production agency, we work to increase the exposure that your video receives. From targeted keywords to outreach strategies, we can help expand the reach of your video.


No matter what part of the process you need help with, 25 Customs Video Agency can help you. Contact us today to find out how we can help with video production.