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Five Types of Brand Videos That Help You Reach Out to More Clients and Drive Website Traffic

In recent years, business videos have become more important than ever before. While people will skim through an article, they are more likely to watch an entire film. With a 30-second script, companies can engage customers and get more clients onto their website. According to studies done by companies like YouTube and Wistia, videos are expected to take up 90 percent of the content online over the next decade. Due to this, companies are rapidly turning to videos when they want to reach out to new clients. In a 2011 whitepaper published by YuMe, 49 percent of online viewers believed that they would watch more online videos and less television shows in the following year.


From 2010 to 2012, 5.4 percent more people watched at least one video a month. Altogether, 100 million Americans were viewing videos online each day by 2012. In 2013, roughly 50 percent of online content was some type of video. In 2016, that number is forecasted to grow by 86 percent. Cisco projects that 1.5 billion video viewers will be watching videos every day in 2016. This is 15 times the number of video viewers in 2013.


This trend can be capitalized on by savvy businesses that want to stay competitive in the marketplace. In 2016, companies that do not make a video are not marketing their product effectively. Once the business decides to make a video, they can use California’s leading video production agency to find the right type of content. At 25 Customs Video Agency, we can help you find a video that targets the right consumers for the maximum level of engagement and revenue.


  1. Event Videos


if you are planning on having an event, a well-made event video can help to highlight information about your products, company and company culture. Event videos show a story that helps to engage viewers and get them interested in the company. While they do not market a specific product, they are effective at marketing the company. People naturally view event videos as more trustworthy since they do not have a formal script or promotional material. Since videoing your event and running it can be stressful, 25 Customs Video Agency can help. We shoot the entire event so that you have an unrivaled finished product to show your customers.


  1. Presentations


While presentations are common in boardrooms, they have a huge appeal for viewers. TED Talks are one of the most popular presentations online today because they explore new subjects in just 20 minutes. In addition, viewers see an audience engaged in the presentation, which makes the viewer feel more engaged as well. Corporate CEOs like Steve Jobs have used this style of presentation to create a brand and public image that resonates with viewers.


  1. Vlog


Vlog is a combination of the words video and blog. This type of video was made popular by YouTube celebrities who posted one to five minute videos about any topic that they found interesting. Companies like Gamespot use this format especially well to educate and engage customers in the shortest amount of time. Since a vlog is often informal, it is also a relatively easy video for the company to shoot.


  1. Vine


While more people watch an entire video than read an entire article, there are still people who skip over an online video after a few seconds. A Vine is a short video that lasts for just six seconds. Due to the brevity of this video style, almost 100 percent of viewers watch the entire video. Brands like Coca-Cola and Lowes use Vines to show off new products and educate consumers. Clever businesses use these videos to get a quick laugh and gain the attention of the viewer.


  1. Interviews


Video interviews offer an endless realm of possibilities for customers. From interviewing creative executives to offering slice-of-life recruiting videos, companies can use an interview for almost any purpose. These videos are especially useful in recruitment because they can show potential applicants what it is like to be an employee at the company. All the business has to do is film the short interview and post it on their About Us section or Careers page. Afterward, the video does the job of recruiting new talent on its own. This technique has been used by international corporations like Google to give viewers an inside look at the company and the corporation’s values.


Unlike typical marketing spots, interviews are genuine and highly believable. Viewers connect with the interviewee because they see someone that they can actually relate to. As a result, the interviewee’s passion makes viewers really want to work for or buy from the company.


If you want to distinguish your business as a visionary source of expert advice and services, videos are the key way to achieve this goal. People are more likely to watch an entire video, and there are numerous styles available for filming. By creating videos, law firms, dental practices and companies of all sorts can reach out to clients and potential employees.