B2B Videos

B2B Videos

B2B vs. B2C: How a B2B Video Differs

The use of video in Business-to-Consumer marketing is always continue to grow. With advertising, social media, and modern websites, it is easy to see where video fits into the selling process.


But what about Business-to-Business selling?


If you operate a B2B business, it may not be clear where videos can fit into your marketing plan. You’re looking to attract the eyes of business experts, not the mass markets that purchase product after product. The purchases are fewer and probably have slightly higher stakes.


Because of that, you’ll want your B2B video to clearly show what service or product you can deliver and how it solves a reoccurring problem. So, how do you create a B2B video?



They’re Not That Different

It may seem like a B2B sale works much differently than a B2C, but when it comes down to it, the buyers are still the same. Even though someone is purchasing a product or service on behalf of their company, it is still a person that you will need to connect with.


Your B2B video should still appeal to the needs of an individual, even when that individual is an entire company. When you create a B2C marketing video, you’re showing consumers how your product or service can solve their problems. In creating a B2B video, you should be applying the same idea.


You’ll want your video to show a clear problem that your product or service can help fix.



Where They Differ

Although they are similar in many ways, a B2B video does differ in some ways from a B2C marketing video. But the differences that a B2B video has can actually make it easier for you and your target audience.


With a B2C video, you’re sending your creation out there to hopefully find your target audience. You want to catch the attention of many people and hope that somewhere in that group, those who will purchase your product will catch on.


But with a B2B video, you can target your audience much more intensely. You don’t need to worry about catching the attention of many different individuals. Instead, your video will be watched directly by those who are ready for your product and can get right into the heart of the details.


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