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Effective Videos Make the Difference in Landing Clients

If you are a doctor, lawyer or other small business owner, you should be using videos as a way to land desirable clients. Even if you doubt the power of an effective online video, the numbers simply do not lie. Compared to other online sites without video marketing, those that include videos have a 300 percent increase in client conversion rates and a 200 percent increase in email click-throughs. These statistics alone should be enough to show you what a difference the right video marketing can make in generating sales for your business. In case you need more, consider that sites with videos have a 41 percent higher click-through rate from searches than sites without them. In addition, more than 90 percent of cellphone users share videos with others on their phone.


If you are a small business owner and are not using video marketing as part of your business generating strategies, then you are missing out on some powerful connections with your target audience. If you are already using video marketing, then just imagine how much more effective your conversion rate could be with videos that leave a lasting impact on your target audience.


Advantages Beyond the Statistics


One of the things those amazing statistics about the power of video marketing cannot convey is the advantage of connecting with your potential clients emotionally. Video marketing is the best way to reach out to your audience with a personal touch. It puts a human face on your mission statement and shows clients that you are dynamic and accessible. For potential clients that may not yet be familiar with your firm, online videos establish a sense of credibility in a way that email text or a picture cannot. Video is simply the best way to take your marketing approach to the next level.


Making the Most of Your Marketing Tools


Video is such a versatile online marketing tool because it can be shared in so many ways. The same online video can be edited and reformatted to produce shorter clips or different segments so that the content is never stale. There are plenty of options for sharing your online video content with a wide range of audiences. All of the videos produced by 25 Customs Video Agency can be posted online, shared via social media pages, inserted into videos, posted on YouTube or used as a TV commercial. This gives clients the ability to maximize the content we produce for many years to come and across diverse channels.


Creating the Most Effective Video Content


Online videos provide the opportunity to present a broad spectrum of content. In creating an informational or FAQ video, you can demonstrate the specialized knowledge your business has in a particular subject area. Online videos are also a great format for sharing client testimonials, which present an authentic assessment of your firm. The advantage of using video testimonials over written reviews is that the public is three times more likely to trust video content than a posted written testimonial. You may want to consider taking a more general approach to your video content and film an overview of your business. This is a great opportunity to make an emotional connection with your audience and truly humanize your business.


No matter which direction you choose for the content of your video, the professionalism and quality of its production will determine how well it is received by the public. Even if you have the best message in the world, without quality editing and production skills, your video will fall flat for potential clients. This is why choosing the right partner for producing your video makes all the difference in converting viewers to actual clients.


Choosing the Top Video Production Company to Convey Your Message


25 Customs Video Agency is California’s leading video production agency and specializes in helping businesses land clients through superior online video marketing. When it comes to delivering their message in the most powerful and effective way, businesses trust 25 Customs Video Agency to help them engage with their target audience professionally and meaningfully.



25 Customs Video Agency is able to work within tight deadlines and adhere to your budget to provide the best possible video for your needs. Although we are based out of Orange County, California, we travel all over the country to help businesses enhance their brands and connect with potential customers in the most effective way possible. Our experience in the industry and attention to detail are what make the difference in helping our clients truly connect with their audiences.

Marketing campaign decisions for a law firm can be a difficult decision. How does one orchestrate a campaign that is of high quality, containing the dignity of the law profession, yet the marketing message that will bring in clients? But with the less than one percent return on direct mail campaigns there’s little choice as to what is most effective, the bottom line is that video’s done well convert.


Once you’ve decided to embrace a video marketing campaign you expect to be able to stimulate engagement with your brand and attract new clients to your firm. In order to do that you’ll need to produce videos that capture the prospective client’s interest while simultaneously easing their fears, and smoothing the road for them to feel comfortable making that initial call to your office.


Yet, producing high quality videos isn’t part of the arsenal of most successful law firms. Enter 25 Customs Video Agency. You want a company that will stand behind its work, both in production and then equally important, the placement of your video on channels that will gain it exposure and reach the most clients. That’s why at 25 Customs Video Agency we take care of everything, right through the first camera shot, through the last video channel publishing. 25 Customs Video Agency commits our resources fully to being your true partner in bringing in more business to your law firm.


Our video packages include enough materials to not only create an awareness in and around your community, but to dramatically raise the amount of qualified web traffic enabling your firm to drive conversions as leads come in. We are geared in every sense to ensuring that your campaigns drive results and surpass your video marketing expectations.


The videos we create for our law clients allow their firm to establish a connection to the prospective clients on an emotional level, instilling confidence in selecting your firm over other competitors. Each video we produce includes the necessary elements to a video’s success. We include in our videos an overview of your law firm, as well as testimonials from clients who have experienced success from your efforts on their behalf.


Each firm has a unique selling feature and value proposition that differentiates your practice from competitor’s. We see repeated success with firms that have hired us for a 26 video year-long campaign that targets initially establishing your personal brand, and then converting your web traffic into leads that are qualified and ready to act. Statistics show time and again that having a high quality video about your branding helps convert traffic by a 300% average. No other medium offers such dramatic results.


We keep statistics on our clients, and have reported that sessions on their website have increased up to 57%. That of that, 67% are a result of organic web traffic as well as an increase of reported direct traffic to their websites of up to 56%. We’ve measured these increases on client’s websites and have noted that time on their sites for new visitors has increased by a full 8%.


After your branding videos have taken hold, we move on to creating frequently asked question pieces. The consistent publishing of these FAQ videos help to drive traffic to your webpages so that they can become leads. With each new client we conduct exhaustive keyword research to learn your area’s market in your specialty. This is done first before any steps are taken in production. We will discover what questions and keywords important to your clients and what exactly they are searching for. Once identified, we can produce the highest quality videos to answer the very questions that they have posed. We know that it’s critical that your content speaks directly and consistently with what they are searching for.


Our clients enjoy benefits from their websites in as little as one month’s time. Because while a great brand video is a benefit, producing an ongoing video campaign takes the positive effects up exponentially. We provide your firm with not only a year’s worth of professional and upscale content, but all the social distribution and optimization of an SEO company. Because our campaigns are so much better than any found in other major markets we agree to work with only one firm in each specialty in each geographic area. So your competition can’t even buy similar quality work if they tried to.


Our firm handles all the implementation needed for your video marketing campaign. Everything from planning, to filming, editing and creating your YouTube channel. Then we upload all video content, supplement that content with written blog content while providing search engine optimization for both the video channels and the blog posts.


When it comes to video ranking in search results, there is more than one way your videos can achieve high rankings. These ways include being indexed by YouTube, on your website, and in your provided blog posts, which also increases your videos visibility.


When working with 25 Customs Video Agency you can rely on our operating with 100% transparency throughout our entire relationship. From start to finish we will walk you through the process and explain just what it is we are doing and why it’s important. In fact, we encourage you to speak with any of our former or current clients so that you can hear first- hand how our service has increased their business. As we make sure to leave every transaction with a satisfied customer we know speaking to them will only solidify your choice to begin to give your business the boost it needs.